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XTec - The XTec team brings civilian and military agencies in the Federal Government the people, skills, knowledge, and experience with Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) to help DHS implement a successful HSPD-12 program. The XTec team understands the complexities of implementing an HSPD-12 solution so as to remain compliant, be efficient, not overburden existing resources such as people and infrastructure investments, and implement useful technologies to ensure not only that agencies meet letter of the mandate, but also the spirit of the policy.

XTec and our teaming partners have extensive experience in providing all parts of the identity management and access control solutions and in working with other vendors and service providers to deliver what is best for our clients, which is why our technology is standards-based and open, and our products are Consumer Off the Shelf (COTS). Thus, we offer a fully-compliant, highly-secure, native end-to-end solution, as well as components and services individually. In order to best leverage our clients’ existing investments, we build each component to interoperate with other systems and technologies.

We have experience working in large systems integration projects within the Federal Government, as well as in national credentialing programs. The team has been involved with large and complex programs such as the GSA Central Issuance Program, Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC), the Department of Labor (DOL), U.S. Navy’s Enabler program and the Department of State (DOS) smart card program.

Providing Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards, credentialing, authentication, and identity management solutions requires more than purchasing and piecing together existing technology solutions to print a card. Our standards-based solutions and software-development capabilities set us apart from our competitors as our system has been designed and integrated specifically for PIV issuance and HSPD-12-compliant, enterprise-level access control.

We have been in the business of Identity Management, Smart Cards, and Access Control for over ten years and have come to master the technology. Our people have the depth of knowledge required to help the Government make informed decisions. We understand the policy and implementation challenges because we’ve been successfully implementing HSPD-12 programs at various Agencies for over two years, with tens of thousands of credentials issued. Our intimate knowledge of Smart Cards and our ability to manufacture government compliant hardware, in terms of card readers and credentialing systems integrated to enterprise level access control, affords the Government to maximize the capabilities of their current infrastructure.

XTec’s Identity and Authentication Solutions are built upon the AuthentX product suite and are currently deployed in both government and commercial venues. These solutions are based on modules of the AuthentX product line of software and hardware. This product suite is currently deployed for HSPD-12 initiatives at Department of State, Department of Labor, Department of Homeland Security, National Science Foundation, Peace Corps, USAID, Broadcast Board of Governors, and Millennium Challenge Corporation. Additionally, AuthentX has been deployed within the government for solutions ranging from access control to DOD CAC card enablement. These customers include: Maritime Administration (MARAD), General Services Administration (GSA), Department of Defense (USNAVY), and Department of Homeland Security.

XTec was one of the first companies to be certified by GSA as a qualified service provider for each of the HSPD-12 System components. XTec has continued to be a leader in developing products that have been certified and are GSA APL approved. XTec has detailed knowledge of the GSA APL requirements and is fully compliant.

A proven small business, XTec is one of the largest suppliers of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 compliant solutions, from business case analysis to complete card issuance, which are currently implemented in both Civilian and Defense agencies. XTec is supporting over 12 Federal Agencies for FIPS 201 solutions. To date, XTec customer Agencies have issued over 16,000 FIPS 201 cards, more than any other “End-to-End” solution provider.

XTec has a large network of technology and integrator partners in the HSPD-12 marketplace. In addition to our products from vendors we work with, we are able to bring in teaming partners to complement our skill sets.

Our experience in implementing HSPD-12 solutions at multiple Government Agencies has provided us with valuable lessons learned in terms of the most valuable asset of any program’s success: the people. As a result, we’ve worked closely with security centers, IT staff, project managers, security guards, Human Resources personnel, and other diverse stakeholders. From our clients we’ve learned what has worked and what hasn’t; what the employee and contractor population, as well as what the users of the technology, will accept and appreciate.

Incorporated in 1992, XTec has concentrated in the development of secure systems and technology for commercial and government applications and currently holds fourteen U.S. Patents in a variety of technologies that complements the security of our systems and products. Our systems have successfully undergone multiple IT security Certification and Accreditation from both military as well as civilian agencies and our access control hardware is designed and manufactured to the highest security standards published by NIST.