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Slate River Corporation - The Slate River Corporation is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with corporate offices in Virginia Beach, VA, and production facilities near Lynchburg, Virginia. Founded in 2004, The Slate River Corporation provides submarine and surface ship Engineering, Technical, Logistics and Administrative Support, specializing in habitability. Our modern manufacturing facility is capable of product prototyping, fabrication and pre-production model making in addition to full production of training aids, kit bags, brackets, specialty tools, and other one of a kind or unique items. The Slate River Corporation also offers fixed price audits and program reviews for government and commercial program managers in any commodity area including on site audits of GFE or CFE.

The Slate River Corporation is the source for high quality Damage Control Training Aids which include all Damage Control Casualty Flags and Kits contained in and in accordance with NSTM 079 Volume 2 and 3, training kits for Engineering, Flooding, Fire, Main Space, Miscellaneous and Specialized Kits for the US Navy Surface and Submarine Fleets and the USCG. The Slate River Corporation offers these Engineering, Damage Control Training Aids for outfitting an entire submarine or ship’s requirement or as individual kits. Also, for convenience and cost savings, single items from each kit can be ordered to quickly replace individual damaged flags, bags or other props.

The Slate River Corporation is a proud member of the Technical Systems Integration, Inc. Seaport Enhanced team and can provide highly qualified personnel with experience in providing Technical Training, Program Management Support and Assessments, and In Service Engineering.

Please visit our website at www.slaterivercorp.comm. We can be contacted at or by calling 757.777.7531.