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Advanced Studies - Geocent provided research and development support to SPAWAR Atlantic New Orleans (SSCLANT NOLA) for four separate information technology and   scientific studies.  Geocent coordinated the activities of the work be performed by multiple subcontracts, including UNO, QinetiQ North America and Concise Systems.  SPAWAR Enterprise Data Environment (EDE) - SSCLANT NOLA tasked geocent to develop an EDE by establishing governance over legacy data infrastructure and enabling migration to an infrastructure that is optimized for enterprise integration interoperable, and meaningful data in an enterprise scale Service-Oriented Architecture.  (SOA) environment.  Area Security Command and Control Integration with Naval Oceanography Portal (ASSOC - NOP) - Geocent provided SPAWAR a collaborative web-based mapping tool that allows incorporation of Atmospheric/Geographic data into various military and civilian systems such as ASOCC, NOP, Falcon View, Google Earth, Virtual Earth, Emergency Operations Centers, Reach Back Cells, and other Mission Planning Systems.

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