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Dataline LLC - Dataline is a leading transformational technology solutions provider to Department of Defense (DOD) and federal customers. Since 1990, our focus has been to integrate best-in-class technologies to provide robust, cost-effective Information Technology (IT) solutions for organizations of all sizes and missions of all criticalities. In partnership with our customers, we are accelerating the rate of change in the DOD’s transformation to Net-Centric Warfare and progressing America’s capability for total Information Dominance in the Global War on Terror. Dataline is headquartered in Norfolk, VA, with offices located in Tampa, FL, Atlanta, GA, Charleston, SC, McLean, VA, Greenbelt, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and Chicago, IL. We have more than 300 talented professionals located across the United States, in multiple countries overseas, and in many classified locations. Our people and products are represented on-site throughout the world.