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Creare - provides engineering services to a diverse international customer base. Since 1961, we have served industry and government on the frontiers of product and process technology. Combining judgment and sophisticated scientific, mathematical, computational, and experimental methods with an appreciation of the art where science is lacking, we have a reputation for skill and creativity in the solution of difficult problems.

Creare’s engineering services are intimately linked with the capabilities of its senior staff. This person-oriented philosophy and our goal to remain at the cutting edge of our fields have resulted in the development of a broad, interdisciplinary mix of engineering services drawn from an array of advanced technologies.

We offer our clients a broad range of services, including:

  • Applied Research
  • Prototype & Technology Development
  • Analysis & Modeling
  • Laboratory & Field Testing
  • Design & Product Development
  • Software & Data System Development
  • Consulting & Legal Services
  • The depth and experience of our staff make us as comfortable with fundamental scientific principles as we are with marketplace realities. We tailor each project to the specific needs of our client, providing the right mix of advice, creative thinking, and hard engineering. Past projects have ranged from a day to a decade in length and from a thousand to over fifteen million dollars in funding.

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