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Aviation Training Consulting, LLC - Aviation Training Consulting, LLC’s (ATC) mission is to provide our customers with innovative, world-class training solutions that save lives. We are committed to a philosophy that focuses on developing a realistic understanding of client needs and expectations, and maintaining internal management procedures that will guarantee flexible, timely, and effective responses to clients’ needs. Our forte is leveraging existing and emerging technologies to maximize training value while simultaneously reducing training costs. Aviation Training Consulting, LLC is committed to safeguarding our client’s intellectual information. ATC utilizes a highly selective employee screening process and selects core employees with proven abilities to protect sensitive information.
ATC is a professional consulting/training development company that specializes in pilot, aircrew, ground-crew, and maintenance training solutions for rotary-wing, fixed-wing and tilt-rotor aircraft operations. Our processes are capable of being used in multiple arenas beyond aviation. Since 2001, ATC has completed seven Department of Defense (DoD) contracts, grown to more than eighty employees, and added offices in Maryland and North Carolina, in addition to its Oklahoma headquarters. Since our inception, we have built an excellent reputation for providing creative training solutions to the DoD, United States Marine Corps (USMC), and NAVAIRSYSCOM. ATC’s growth can be largely attributed to a corporate policy of integrity, listening to the client, and completing all contracts early and under budget.
ATC has a staff that offers overwhelming diversity in aviation and training experience. This expertise is derived from United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps veterans who are accomplished training experts. Many of these same individuals also have experience in the commercial airline industry and advanced cockpit technology. ATC’s vast aviation experience is complemented by its expertise in its use of the ISD/SAT (Instructional Systems Development/Systems Approach to Training) process. The effective use of the “full range” of ISD/SAT processes sets ATC apart from other training-based companies.

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